About Jeff Jones, Illustrator

Jeff Jones Portrait

Jeff Jones, Illustrator for hire. No, not Jeffrey Jones, the Hollywood actor, nor Jeffrey Jones, the Sci Fi/Fantasy Illustrator.

Nothing so glamorous but merely a guy born in a steel town back East and later raised in the Mid-West. I'm the carpet bagger that reaped the benefits of the South with a fine education then high-tailed it out West upon gaining a B.F.A. Well, O.K., maybe the education was less than fine but I managed to make the most of it anyway.

I spent the next eight years working as a designer and art director before making the leap to Illustration. Shortly thereafter, I had the great fortune to become friends with a most talented Creative Director who recognized my potential and presented opportunities that were the start of a flourishing career. In no time, I was working with the big guys and the little guys too and having a lot of fun in the process.

Fast forward a few years (We won't get real specific here. No need having you do the math to figure out just how "experienced" I really am. Let's just say I've managed to make it around the block and back) and I'm still drawing pictures and still striving to exceed expectations.

When I'm not busy with an illustration, you might find me painting or creating art in mixed medias. I also do my share of hiking in some really awesome places and try not to pass up new travel experiences either.

But, I suppose I've gotten off message.

The point of all this is, if you are looking for an illustrator that will give it his all and is easy to work with, my first thought would be to call me. I'm dependable. Fast too, when needed. If concepting is required, I'm right there for you.

If you prefer to work through an artist rep, I've got the best. She is really, really nice and a pleasure to work with. You can see more at ChristinePrapas.com

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