Custom Logo Design with Far Reaching Consequences

Exclusive Custom Logo for Raptor Capital Management

Micro-Financing in Indonesia

Singapore based Raptor Capital Management already had a good foundation for procuring international capital.  What they still needed was a logo worthy of the service they provide.

As a lender of micro-loans to poor farmers and villagers of Indonesia, Raptor Capital Management is committed to providing much needed resources used in improving the production, quality, storage and distribution of food while aiding in premium high-value crop selection for maximum profitability at market.  In addition, their funding of land purchases through a Land Assist Program, not only provides local farmers with the rights and responsibilities to farm but does so with conservation of agricultural land at the forefront.


The Portrait as an Illustration

Capturing ones look and personality within a portrait is a tricky business. It helps to know some anatomical fun facts relating to basic form and proportions, understanding masses, planes and symmetry or the importance of building features from light and shadow. Yes, this is all good but what is also essential is distinguishing the characteristics unique to your subject.

When Real Life isn’t Practical

As a portrait artist, when someone asks me to create a portrait of themselves, friend or family member, it’s fun to be able to draw from real life but not always practical. Working with clients from around the country (as well as globally) it becomes necessary for me to work from your photographs.  I generally request several photos of the individual if possible. The reason being, although a particular photo will inevitably be the main source from which to draw, the other photos may help tell a more complete story.


Why Designers Hire Me to Help with Logos

Art directors and designers often hire me to help with logo assignments for a variety of reasons.

1. To explore or illustrate a particular concept of theirs. They may have some rough sketches requiring an illustrator’s touch or maybe their logo idea just needs some fine tuning.

2. The designer needs a “fresh pair of eyes” or a new perspective. With so many designers working independently, it often helps to bounce ideas off someone else to obtain better results.


Trading Tips to Playing the Stock Market


If I were to play the stock market based on recent requests for CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS, my bets would go to investing in healthcare, casual dining and wineries (JNJ, PNRA) for starters. If hedging bets is your game, how about adding a few discretionary picks like travel stocks (PCLN) to the mix as well as a stake in Apple (AAPL) based on the most recent licensing of my STOCK IMAGES?

Of course, if stock market trades were that easy to predict, I could simply turn down incoming requests for custom illustrations and write an investment strategy blog instead. A sure way to go broke for this illustrator!  Besides, drawing pictures for a living is a lot more fun and far more rewarding.


Happy Dog Phoenix – the book

The request came through my website. “I’ve got a book about dogs and a practical guide for their happy life in the works and would like to know if you are interested in doing some illustrations?” I’m paraphrasing a bit but you get the idea.

Being pretty busy at the time, I admit to inquiring further as to the viability of publication. Once assured, the fun began.

What started as a project of possibly 7 to 10 drawings, became a book now published and featuring 39 of my illustrations. Best of all, a significant portion of the proceeds will benefit local animal rescue groups.

The author, Jodie Snyder, was really great to work with. She’s talented, humble and super nice (and has a really sweet dog too!)

As you read through the book, her caring and fun personality, along with her knowledge on all-things-dogs, makes this book a must read resource of practical tips for you and your dog, particularly if you live in Arizona.

Check out the Happy Dog Phoenix website: for a copy for your very own.